Participative Workshops


  • October 2021: Chestnuts at Lou Rey (dates soon available)
  • May 2022: Beekeeping at Lou Rey

Idea: Immerse yourself for 5 days in our new eco-hamlet. Discover the joys of the collective, the creation of our garden, learn about local traditions, and come enjoy our activities in our wild livelihood.

This is our first year at Lou Rey, the participative workcamps are still in the development phase.
Stay tuned, first dates in Autumn 2021.

To come

arrival Wednesday - departure Sunday

Car : we have a car park to welcome you
Train: the Sainte-Cecile d'Andorge stop is 15 minutes from our hamlet. We will come and pick you up.
Arrival trains on Wednesday: 1.19pm or 5.21pm.
Departure train on Sunday: 13:58
Carpooling: the nearest village to our hamlet is Le Collet-de-Dèze. If you prefer this means of transport, we will be happy to pick you up.


                                                  249 - 449  €

We think about a price policy so that our stays are accessible to the greatest number of people.
The stay includes:

  • accommodation in a tent (249 €, tent not included),
  • or in a dormitory with 3 or 4 beds per room (349 €),
  • or in a single room (449 €)
  • meals
  • training and activities

Payment method

We will detail the payment methods once the educational content of our trips is in place.

If you have any questions before then, you can contact us by email with the date of your immersive stay in mind.


Take part in the creation of our eco-hamlet during 5 days of immersion. We welcome between 5 and 15 people for this programme. Each workcamp has its own main theme: Chestnuts, Market gardening, Cuttings, Dry stone, Beekeeping...  A schedule of activities will also be proposed to you around our three axes of learning: the Self, the Collective, and Nature. From Yoga to singing, from the awakening of the body to the discovery of edible wild plants...


A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.


Lou Rey is first and foremost a place for reconnexion to yourself, learning and relaxation. Our priority is to make you feel good.  You will be free to participate in workshops, to propose workshops, or to relax wherever you wish!


You have already talked about it, imagined it, maybe even dreamed about it, with friends, family or alone: create a collective and build a project that makes sense for you. But you haven't yet had the opportunity, the people, the time or the tools to get started. In this stay, we offer you a five-day immersion in our eco-hamlet in creation.

Immerse yourself in our eco-hamlet for 5 days, around a seasonal theme (chestnut grove, dry stone construction, installation of a beehive, organic market gardening...). Learn from local speakers the techniques of these living arts. Discover also our culture, our governance, our rhythm, our garden, our spaces, much remains to be built, let's build it together! You will be between 5 and 15, you will live, build, debate together and discover the atmosphere of a collective in creation.

Our commitment
To make you live outside, to give you a realistic view of our daily life with its challenges and laughter through a proposed framework. One of our values is well-being, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the place, its view, its natural pools and its thousand and one hiding places to relax.