Lou Rey


Lou Rey is an eco-lodge which welcomes those whose wants to grow their Self and their Community in connection with Nature


Come spend your holidays taking care of yourself: visit our garden, our fruit trees, walk the wild hikes,  settle down in Lou Rey's chillzones, and share local meals with our hosts.


Come dive in the universe of our collective. Learn, share, build, grow and relax in this 5 days group participative workshop. Our first dates on this page !


You are a trainer, a teacher, a sport professional or a private, looking for a healthy retreat place? You are welcome with your group. Contact us and let's talk about it!

Our Intention

We want to grow as individuals and as a collective in connection with Nature.

We offer a peaceful place to contemplate, to reflect and to co-create.

To reach that goal, we explore and practise the three following :

  • The Self : times and workshops for the body, for the mind, and for the heart.
  • The Collective : construction of our collective with its own organization. We create a space for debate and listening to enhance collective intelligence.
  • Nature : we are building a 2000m2 organic garden, as well as protecting our 39 ha forest.


For the project to grow, we host you in 3 different ways :

  • Bed & Breakfast, pique nique and evening meals during the whole summer (from 21st June to 31 September 2021)
  • Hosting 5 days Participative Workshops, around local and practical knowledge dear to the Cévennes (beekeeping, chestnut planting-collecting-transforming, Organic farming, dry-rock building, and more (dates to be found on Participative Workshop page).
  • Hosting groups : Yoga, Tai Chi, Danse, Non-Violent-Communication, Permaculture design, Literature groups... And many more. We call upon trainers, teachers, facilitators, sport professionals in all areas of expertise, and throughout the whole year.

Our collective


Our peaceful warrior, our druid.

"Do not make fun, do not lament, do not hate, but understand" Spinoza


Our swiss knife, our teamspirit.

"When we don't know where we go, we better go... And the fastest as possible" The Shadoks


Our ray of light, our star cheffe.

"Logic will bring you from A to B. Imagination will bring you everywhere". Einstein


Our Andalucian, our builder-acupuncterist.

"There is no way towards peace, peace is the way" Gandhi


Our "mas" (house in Cévenole), is an ancient XIIIth Century fortified farm, dried-rock built, perched on the heights of the Valley Longue. Protected by 39 hectares of pasture and forest, it is crossed by the stream de la Vigne, giving access to natural pools throughout the year : fresh in Summer,  medicinal in Winter.

Eco-hameau Lou Rey

Lieu dit Le Rey, Le Collet de Dèze, 48160, France